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BMW i8

2015 BMW i8

If movies are any way to judge, the car of the future is a sleek, fast, road gripping vehicle that consumes barely any energy, doesn't make a sound, and has built in intelligent systems that let it drive itself. This may sound like a vision of the future, but it is also a good description of the 2015 BMW i8. This futuristic car has all of the features of a luxury sports car, but also offers advantages of a modern luxury hybrid. Your BMW i8 rental is a smart and sexy car that literally feels like it comes from the future.


  • Stylish Exterior - A mercurial style that will turn heads
  • Excellent Handling - Sports car quality handling even at speeds of up to 155 mph
  • Fast Acceleration - Hybrid electric / combustion engine does 0 to 60 in 3.8 seconds
  • Fuel Efficient - 22 mile range in fully electrical mode
  • Quiet Driving - Zero engine noise while driving under electrical power
  • Driver Assistance Systems - 360 degree peripheral cameras make parking easy and prevent accidents. In the case of a collision, car will automatically apply brakes to mitigate damage and protect passengers

Rent the Future

There is simply nothing more appropriate than driving to the Magic Kingdom in a car that looks like it belongs among the exhibits in Tomorrowland. This luxury sports car has ample rear seating for children during your Disney vacation. Later you can travel to the Orlando Science Center and learn exactly how the electrical motor works. Finish the day by impressing the chauffeur at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando. Enjoy your family vacation even more with a BMW i8 rental in Orlando.